The vision of connected healthcare, simplified!

The complexity of implementing new systems in healthcare stems from unnecessarily complicated software, ambiguous licensing models and dated systems. We aim to decouple what should have been simple in the first place with simple and agile platforms that are easy to use and grow with your business needs.

The Low/no-Code revolution is here!

We believe that more minds equal more ideas! The ideology of low-code/no-code is to allow more users to innovate and unleash diversity of thought. At IHS, we develop and partner with platforms that enable users to innovate and meet their business needs, free of development needs to function efficiently.
One World

This is our story

IHS has been established

With a mission to make integrations in healthcare easier and more accessible to the masses.
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Launch of iPRM

The foundation for all our tools, iPRM was launched, allowing users to build their own workflows and automations to manage patients and billing
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Grow with our partners

IHS has gained leading market partners to enable low-code platforms to our users.
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HILCS Low-Code Service

The engine that drive our solutions, Health Informatics Low-Code Service, empowers our low code automation and has been officially integrated in our products.
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5 years later, we're proud of our journey

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We are a global hybrid company and our teams are available in multiple
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Integrated Health Systems Pty Ltd

Level 1 - 203-205 Blackburn Road Mount Waverley, VIC 3149

Tel: +61 3 9847 6896
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Our team is breaking the boundaries of the office and are located around the world and ready to support your business needs

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